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Our pharmacy team at HUUG answer questions regarding supplements available in our gift packages.

Our pharmacy team at HUUG answer questions regarding supplements available in our gift packages.

Over the years we have built up a wealth of experience offering advice and helping people achieve optimal health and well-being. 

HUUG is a result of our journey through Covid, wondering how we could help people to give the gift of good health.

Why give your baby Vitamin D?
You should give your baby vitamin D to help them grow strong bones!
Babies skin is extremely sensitive and should not be exposed to the sun, therefor they have a bigger likelihood of low Vitamin D levels. Babies grow at a fast rate and giving them Vitamin D supplements will help them to grow strong bones.

Why should adults take Vitamin D?
Due to a lack of sufficient sunshine and natural dietary sources of Vitamin D in Ireland all adults should take vitamin D, it is the only way to achieve sufficient levels of Vitamin D.
Vitamin D helps to support bone health and prevent Osteoporosis.

Why take a Magnesium supplement?
Magnesium contributes to many processes in our bodies, including maintenance of normal teeth and bone health, supporting muscle function and the nervous system. Magnesium is often depleted due to stress or intense exercise, so it is an essential supplement for those with a hectic lifestyle.

How can Melissa Dreams aid sleep through its unique blend of ingredients?

  • Lemon Balm promotes a calming effect
  • Vitamin B and Magnesium help your nervous system to function correctly (deficiencies of both have been linked to sleep disorders/restless sleep)
  • Chamomile has been used historically as an herbal aid to insomnia

Why Take Iron?
Iron should be taken because it is an essential mineral in the body, helping to create red blood cells which carries oxygen around the body leading to normal organ function. Low levels of Iron can lead to anaemia which can cause severe tiredness and lack of energy.

Why take B12?
B12 should be taken to help the nervous system functioning properly and to help prevent B12 deficient related anaemia.

Why take Revive Zest Active?
Revive should be taken because it is a great multivitamin! It contains 25 active ingredients supporting immune health and energy levels. Revive is unique to other multivitamins because it contains important Amino Acids to help with energy levels and muscle functions


HUUG Pharmacy Team