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HUUG Wellness III

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The Wellness HUUG is the ideal gift box to give to a loved one or someone who needs a pick me up (probably all of us these days). 

Calm & Destress Candle - Mookie & Boo, Calm & Destress Candle.Hand crafted with natural waxes enriched with 100% essential oils. Plant based non toxic & chemical free. Wonderful aid to Calm & Destress and ease feelings of anxiety, completely natural 100% plant based nontoxic ingredients. Suitable especially if you are stressed or feel anxious, or simply want your best sleep & a deep sense of calm.

Sleep & Relax Roller Ball - Mookie & Boo, Sleep & Relax Roller Ball. A luxurious elixir of pure plant oils , The Sleep and Relax Wellness Roller is infused with a soothing blend of essential oils designed to lull mind and body into a deep state of relaxation. The complex blend of aromatherapy is married with french lavender it has a beautiful heady aroma due to the high content of linalyl acetate and linalool, which studies suggest are effective in promoting relaxation and sleep.

Palm Free Lemon Freesia Soap - Treat your skin to the refreshing magic of Lemon Freesia, a mildly refreshing formula that delivers an invigorating start to the day. Infused with the finest Essential Oils of Exotic Lemongrass, Calming Lavender & Euphoric Ylang Ylang and topped off with a sprinkling of delicate Calendula Petals to create this refreshingly, cleansing little bar of joy.

Better You Vitamin D Spray - Delivering 1000IU per spray, DLux 1000 Vegan provides an effective maintenance dosage for adults and teenagers. Containing only vitamin D and coconut oil, this incredible pure and simple formulation provides optimal nutritional delivery, each spray provides the vitamin D in micro-sized droplets that coat and permeate the soft-tissue of the inner cheek, delivery the essential nutrients into the rich vein system below. This allows the formulation to quickly enter the bloodstream for optimal absorption.

Melissa Dreams - Melissa Dream is based on plant extracts that are used in Herbal medicine to calm your mind and body. It contains lemon balm, L-theanine, chamomile, B vitamins and magnesium in a calmative formula.

Bell Jar - Beautiful glass bell jar to accompany the Mookie & Boo, Calm & Destress Candle. Goes fantastic with any candle.